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Fortune Lines

26th August 2015

In the mid-1990’s I was part of the Thinking Through Humanities project – a group of teachers from Northumberland working alongside David Leat and colleagues at the University of Newcastle. Among the strategies that we explored and developed were Fortune Lines, so I was particularly pleased to come across this strategy being used with 5/6 year olds recently.


26th August 2015

I recently attended a Clown in the Classroom workshop led by Mark Labrow. Despite initial reservations, we all had an absolute blast. And not only that, it gave us some wonderful ideas for enhancing creativity and spontaneity in learning.

Maps From Memory

21st August 2015

Another favourite strategy of ours is "Maps from Memory".

Billie the Reading Dog

14th August 2015

Another great aspect of Douglas Park School is their dog, Billie, a 5-year-old Golden Labrador. Owned by Annie, the school manager, Billie hangs out in the entrance hall welcoming all visitors and enhancing the family feel of the place.

Assess - "To Sit Beside"

14th August 2015

"our learning conferences give parents the perfect opportunity to “sit beside” their child and to encourage our students to take personal responsibility for their learning"

7 steps to feedback heaven

10th August 2015

The 7 Steps to feedback Heaven

P4C - An introduction

10th August 2015

I used to think that philosophy was for people who would rather prevaricate than take action or for those who don’t care much how they look and seem to resist getting a proper job. Then I was introduced to Philosophy for Children.  Now I don’t want to sound as if I had some sort of evangelical moment but I am convinced of the virtues of philosophy and believe it would be wise to promote philosophical thinking in our schools.  

Teaching the ASK model

6th August 2015

Two of the schools I’m working with, one in Doncaster (UK) and the other in Cambewarra (Australia), are trying a new approach to their curriculum that places an emphasis on Attitudes and Skills, as well as Knowledge (ASK). In a previous blog, I shared the Attitudes work of Sandringham Primary School. Now, here’s an insight into the Skills work that Cambewarra Primary School are doing.