Ås kommune, Norway

Ås kommune, Norway

Since 2007 James Nottingham has been working with the Ås kommune in Norway with continual success and excellent feedback across the board.

Development focus areas have included Feedback, Vision & Strategy, Mindset, Progress, P4C and Outstanding Teaching. James’ ongoing series of Development Training Programs have incorporated Leaders Planning and Parent Evenings as well as Demonstration Lessons.

Below is just a sample of the feedback received:

Which words would you use to describe the work?

“Thought -provoking, Well planned.”

What impact has this work had on you and your colleagues?

It has transformed and developed the way we act, think and talk about teaching and learning. It has given us tools to work together, in shared commitment. Has made us work more research based, made us feel more that we are part of the "world's community of educators'. Brought other experts to our community, in Fields such as P4C, CDE / OUR network (organisational development), outstanding teaching and learning, early age learning, and feedback /mindset (among others - there is a lot).      

Can you think of an anecdote that would capture the essence of the work that James did with you?

Pedagogical. James walks the talk, he does what he tells will give highest impact, always at the top of the subject, always quality all through, always good spirit, friendly athmosphere, can meet any type of "audience", a 'nice' person. A sharing person.

Kari Eliassen, Ås kommune, Norway.