The Learning Challenge, Auckland, NZ 24th June 2016

The Learning Challenge - with James Nottingham

We welcome James Nottingham back to NZ - 24th June 2016.

A leader in transforming up-to-date research into best practice for teaching and learning, James Nottingham inspires, educates, motivates and entertains in equal measure.

James created the Learning Challenge as a way to promote and enhance challenge and inquiry – a 4-step inquiry process:

Concept – Challenge – Construct – Consider


A common worry amongst educators is that it is often difficult to challenge the most able students. This has been one of the motivating factors behind James Nottingham’s work on Challenging Learning (there’s a bit of a clue in the name!) He and his team have developed models and strategies that help to ensure ALL students are challenged appropriately, leading to higher levels of engagement and progress.