Our Partners

Publishers and consultancy groups that we partner with to co-host events and conferences

We are delighted to partner with Bazalt (Netherlands), Corwin (USA), Dafolo (Denmark), Natur och Kultur (Sweden), and Routledge (UK) to co-host events and conferences, as well as to bring our range of books and educational theories to a wider audience.

Our partnership with Dafolo in Denmark offers professional development support to schools, day care centres and educators across the country. Click here to read more about our joint offer.

We work closely with Professor John Hattie and Corwin as the official partners in Scandinavia for Professor Hattie’s Visible Learning Plus programme. Our partnership allows us to guide educators in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in the use of evidence-based learning to improve student outcomes.

We also work with Professor Carol Dweck, professor of psychology at Stanford University. Her 30 years of research into motivation and engagement has shown people in a Growth Mindset are more likely to be resilient, to welcome feedback and to try new learning strategies.