7 steps to feedback heaven

  • 10th August 2015
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The 7 Steps to feedback Heaven 

1.  Identify The Goals and Success Criteria. If pupils don’t understand their goals then feedback will not work very well.

2.  First Draft:  Start the exercise but pupils should know from the start that this is only their first draft and some editing will follow

3.  Self and/or Peer Assessment: Pupils review their work comparing their First Draft with the success criteria set in step 1.

4.  Second Draft: Pupils correct and re-draft their work according to the feedback they have received in Step 3.

5.  Teacher Feedback:  Feedback is given by the teacher on the 2nd Draft.

6.  Final Draft:  The key to Feedback Heaven is that pupils should complete the final draft after the teacher’s feedback not before it.

7.  Grade (if needed):  If required, pupils can grade their own work against the success crieteria in Step 1. It is key that this grading should be kept separate from the feedback given in Step 5.