Happy World Teachers' Day 2017!

  • 5th October 2017
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Happy World Teachers' Day. We're so lucky to work with some truly amazing and passionate teachers who are 100% committed to their profession. Not only do we work with such teachers everyday in our partner schools but our team is made up of talented and inspiring teachers who are committed to helping schools be the best they can be.

So to celebrate our profession - and more importantly the impact we make on young people every day - we decided to reflect and remember those teachers from our past that made us stronger in our own lives.

Here's what our team had to say:

To: Professor Cueto, Lecturer in Spanish History at Leeds University. 
From: Beccy

“Your depth of knowledge and passion for your subject was truly inspiring.  Your high expectations of us, helpful feedback and robust challenge to our ideas shepherded us to think far more critically.  You challenged me to think differently, not only about history, but the prisms through which we view everything, contributing to a self-awareness that has helped me to be more contended.   Thank you!”


To: Mrs Ahlin, Swedish teacher at Karlbergsskolan in Köping, Sweden.
From: Bitte

"Thanks for your never ending positive energy, and for encouraging me in my writing. You saw everyone in the class, and you really cared about our learning. Nothing was impossible, you believed in our abilities and it was for real."


To: Mr Bell Art teacher at Newminster Middle School.
From: Deb

“Thanks for encouraging me to experiment with all arts and crafts – paintings, pottery, models etc. You taught me not to be scared of art and helped me believe in myself. You were always there to help, made our lessons fun and got me out of my fixed mindset of believing I could never be a creative person. Thank you.”


To:  Mr Rich - Ferndale Junior School, Swindon (circa 1978)
From: Mark

“I know that some of your colleagues at Ferndale thought that you were a bit unconventional as a teacher and that may have made it difficult for you - is that what caused you to leave the profession so early?  We pupils all thought you were amazing. Yes, allowing sweets in class on Fridays might have been a little too radical for 1970's Swindon and would today of course be met with scorn from dentists and health professionals alike but we appreciated the treat. 

Anyway, you really were my inspiration to become a primary teacher.  Your love of the environment,  the practical activities we did and the incredible range of topics we covered in the weekly homework quiz and Friday morning answer session are still the most significant of my school memories.  The way you recounted stories from your own and other's lives brought learning to life and made we want to experience the world - thank you Sir!”


To: Father Pyle, Scripture and Philosophy teacher at St Mary’s Sixth Form, Middlesbrough
From: Richard Kielty

“Thank you for creating opportunities for me to question aspects of human experience that I’d never thought to question before. You inspired me to reason, think logically and respect other views. Because of you, a whole literary world was introduced to me. I never believed I’d be reading Kant, Hume and Wittgenstein at 17 years old! You gave me confidence and a belief I could do anything I set out to achieve. You ignited a love of learning within me that I didn’t know existed. It is because of you that I became a teacher. It is because of you, that I do what I do today.”


To: Mr Marshall, Science teacher at Glendale Middle School.
From: Tom

“Thanks for inspiring me in all things science. You showed me how interesting it is to learn new things and taught me to be inquisitive. I loved the energy you brought to our class and to making classes fun for us all. Our expedition to Arran was unforgettable - you gave me my first taste of independence and adventure.”


To: Mrs Leicht, Year 10 English teacher.
From: George

“You only taught me for a year but your wisdom and passion has remained with me ever since. You were the first English teacher I had to challenge me - all of a sudden what I had thought for years was good enough wasn't- or even close!! You provided a new reality for me- an opportunity to be much better than I ever imagined I needed to be. Somehow you helped me to attain that- and the love of literature has stayed with me ever since! Every now and again, when engrossed in a novel, I find myself thinking 'Mrs Leicht would like that!' Been that way since 1974!”


To: Paul Johansson, English teacher at Pitholmsskolan, Piteå
From: Marianne Miles

“Thank you for giving me confidence in my ability to learn and for sharing the joy of learning a second language. You taught us that it was ok to get it wrong as long as we learnt from our mistakes. With you, learning was about exploring and experimenting, and I’ve carried that with me since then.”


To: Mrs Rogerson, GCSE English Literature teacher
From Lorna:

“Thank you for making me see the beauty in poetry.


To: Miss Cutting, Business Teacher

From: Ellspeth

“Thank you for encouraging me to begin my journey in Human Resources. You gave me the foundation of knowledge I needed and challenged me to explore the possibilities. Your lessons were creative, intuitive and good fun! “


To: Knud Bæk Kristiansen, English teacher
From: Per

"Thanks for encouraging me to explore my fascination with language and letting me realize myself that my frequent gobbledygook was in fact 'work' in progress.  From you I got my present day guide in everything: 'In order to become a wit you first have to be a half-wit'. Thanks, Knud, teacher and later life long friend."


To: Mrs Darwin, Meadowdale Middle School
From: Jill Nottingham

“I shall never forget your fabulous bobbed hair and your perfectly applied lipstick and the way your whole face shone when you talked about wonderfully rich novels, characters and authors. You sparked my lifelong passion for literature and introduced me to a world of adventures and experiences, to characters and settings and plots and sub plots, that has had me hooked ever since. You not only taught me how to actually read a great work, but how to appreciate its worth even if I didn’t really enjoy the story. Thank you for opening my mind and taking me through the looking glass.”


To: Mr Cousins, Form teacher and Physics teacher at King Edward VI School
From: Lesley

“Thanks for being genuinely great and interested me and my progress.  For giving me advice and (even against all our best interests) supporting me in being the ‘only girl in the Physics Lab’. Your encouragement helped me through the years of study and exams and taught me that even though it may seem so at the time… nothing is impossible!”


To Mrs Carol Swan, of Welbeck Community First School.
From: Marilyn

“Although not a teacher from my younger years of school education, you played a huge role in my further education as a fledgling teacher at Welbeck.  I’m not sure if you ever really knew or appreciated how much I looked up to you, aspired to emulate your philosophies about the teaching environment, children, and teaching in general, but I am truly indebted to you for enabling and inspiring my lifetime goal … to be a great teacher.  A HUGE THANK YOU!” 


To: Mrs Crook, Year Head & PE teacher.
From: Lisa

“You were always there to support and inspire us, even gave support and advice on a personal level when required. You were also an enthusiastic PE teacher and always encouraged us and made hockey games especially a lot of fun.”