James Nottingham's Learning Pit on Pinterest

James Nottingham created the Learning Challenge as a way to promote and enhance challenge and inquiry.

To begin with, James created a 4-step inquiry process (Concept - Challenge - Construct - Consider) with his Philosophy for Children (P4C) groups in the late 1990's. Then in 2003, he came across the work of Butler & Edwards who described the process of going through a "pit" during periods of transformational change. James loved the analogy and, together with his students, added the "4C steps" to create he called The Learning Challenge (although most people refer to it as "The Learning Pit"). 

Since then, the Learning Challenge has been used in many classrooms around the world. We're collecting together some examples of The Learning Pit being used from around the world.

You will find these Learning Pit examples on our Learning Challenge Pinterest board

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