Northumberland Study Tour

  • 16th October 2015
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Colleagues from the Slagelse Kommune in Denmark recently enjoyed a Study Visit to the UK to see how schools in England compared with schools in Denmark. They were particularly interested in how students use learning intentions and success criteria as part of the learning process and also how students know what progress they are making against their targets.

During the tour they visited some schools in Northumberland - Astley High School, Corbridge Middle School and St Joseph's Middle School, as well as Park View School in Durham. The range of school-types allowed our colleagues to see how different schools assess and track student progress and how the students themselves are involved in the process.

At the end of the visit, the group met and were guided through a Learning Review process by Richard Kielty. This involved reflecting and evaluating what they had seen and thinking about what could be applied within their own contexts in Denmark. At the end of the process, each school took away a mini-action plan with areas to address in their own schools.

During the evenings, they were treated to a guided tour of the best pubs and restaurants in Newcastle. It was a highly enjoyable and rewarding visit! René Nielsen, Headteacher of Nymarkskolen in Slagelse and Study Visit Leader said of the visit; "We had a really good experience in Newcastle, we met some amazing schools and felt very welcome. The schools did their very best to give us a good experience. We got great benefit from the Learning Review, where we reflected on the school visits and developed the first plans for how we should work with our new knowledge. We have already had the first meeting at the school. The enthusiasm and the will to do better is high."

"Why go to the other end of the world to visit New Zealand when there is so much inspiration and friendliness in Northumberland."

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