Improving independent learning for post-16 and adult learners

Think-FE (Further Education) combines theory on learning approaches with practical, worked examples to develop critical, collaborative and independent thinking habits in 16-19 and adult education students.

It is an innovative, rigorous and engaging professional learning programme, which aims to improve students' independent learning through excellence in teaching.

We believe that to have the best possible opportunities for success in life, students need to be equipped with the tools for life-long learning.

Our interactive certificate courses provide, and model, pedagogical strategies which encourage students to think independently, show initiative, face challenges and take responsibility for their own learning.

About the Course

The Level One course combines theory on the Teaching Thinking approach with practical, worked examples...

This certificated course will run over one full day and two half-days, introducing exciting strategies to engage, motivate and challenge your students! Discover how to develop independent, resilient learners by improving the students' thinking and reasoning ability. Along with practical, thinking tools we explore how students learn, how the brain works, and how dialogue is the most valuable tool in constructing learning.

There is plenty of opportunity between the taught sessions to trial the teaching thinking strategies, and each half-day session begins with a reflection on professional learning, making the Teaching Thinking course engaging, interactive and rewarding. Delivered by Martin Renton and Mark Bollom.

What the Course Covers

Practical strategies that support student engagement, encourage motivation and prompt substantive conversation.

How we can encourage students to share their opinions and improve their ability to make reasoned judgements.

Explore how we learn, what engages us, and how we are all different.

The development of skills for life-long learning, developing independence, resilience to challenge and higher-order thinking.

How debriefing learning can promote independence, and help students construct deeper understanding.

Martin will discuss the value of meaningful student dialogue and highlight the importance of developing skills for life-long learning in our colleges today.

This course combines theory on the teaching thinking approach with practical, worked examples. A teacher-research element between the taught days allows you to trial strategies with students in the classroom. Reflecting on your own experiences is a key factor in the success of this professional development programme. The course is certificated and can be accredited for master's study.


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