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Australian, British, Danish, Norwegian and
Swedish consultants connecting global excellence with local priorities

Our team of consultants share teaching and leadership practices that have the greatest impact on learning progress. Our strategies are based on the most up-to date and compelling evidence about what helps young people to lead stronger lives. Our presentations challenge and inspire; our consulting processes guide and encourage; our resources engage and demonstrate.

All our trainers:

  • Are experienced teachers and leaders
  • Have a passion for world-class education for all students
  • Are able to model excellent pedagogy in the classroom
  • Have a deep understanding of educational theory and practice
  • Are not the finished article

Our offer to you is that we:

  • Design for our audience and deliver what we promise
  • Are honest and fair in all our actions
  • Are mindful of the big picture and pay attention to detail
  • Stay relevant and credible
  • Respect, understand and value our profession
  • Never stop learning

Trainers, Consultants & Keynote Speakers


James Nottingham

Specialisms: 3-18, Educational Design, Leadership. Role: Keynote Speaker, Executive Director & principal author
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Martin Renton

Specialisms: 3-19, Process Design, Organisational Change Role: Keynote Speaker, Director of Consultancy & Evaluations
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Marianne Skogvoll

Specialisms: 5-16, Project Management, Instructional Leadership. Role: Senior Consultant, Regional Project Manager (Scandinavia)
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Richard Kielty

Specialisms: 5-16, Instructional Leadership, Coaching. Role: Senior Consultant, Regional Manager (UK & International Schools)
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George Telford

Specialisms: 5-16, Leadership Coaching, Instructional Leadership. Role: Senior Consultant, Regional Project Manager (Oceania)
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Jill Nottingham

Specialisms: 3-12, Early Years, Instructional Leadership. Role: Author Consultant, Director of Networks & Product Development
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Lisa Cook

Specialisms: 11-18, Independent schools, Evaluations. Role: Evaluation Manager and Consultant
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Bitte Sundin

Specialisms: 1-12, Leadership Coaching, Evaluations. Role: Consultant and Quality Developer
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Bosse Larsson

Specialisms: 12-18, Gymnasium, Entrepreneurship. Role: Consultant and Co-author (Challenging Mindset)
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Tom Burston

Specialisms: Process Design, Project Management, Community Engagement. Role: Director of Business
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Marilyn Keenan

Specialisms: 3-12, Early Years, Coaching. Role: Regional School Networks Manager
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Joanne Nugent

Specialisms: 11-18, Inclusion, Community Engagement. Role: Consultant and Resource Writer
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