About Marianne Skogvoll

Senior Consultant, Regional Project Manager (Scandinavia)

Marianne Skogvoll is our most experienced and trusted consultant and now Regional Manager for Scandinavia. With a background in teaching and school leadership, she inspires confidence in everyone she meets. Several of our Visible Learning projects in Scandinavia have been led by Marianne. Amongst them is our largest project in Denmark where she took care of the development of Visible Learning in more than 50 schools north of Copenhagen. She now leads, manages and runs our two largest CLPs and uses clients’ context to design action that has the maximum possible impact. She is also our chief in-school evaluator as well as an outstanding trainer and facilitator.

Before joining Challenging Learning, Marianne was a teacher and then school leader in Ås, south of Oslo. Her school was part of a kommune-wide leadership development project led by James Nottingham and Martin Renton. It was this that inspired Marianne to become a consultant.

As a teacher, Marianne was focused on dialogue and creative thinking in the classroom. She used a range of different tools to challenge her students' thinking and provided frequent opportunities for students to engage in dialogue and learn from each other. Amongst the many strategies she used, Philosophy for Children (P4C) was perhaps the most significant. Having trained as a P4C consultant and used the approach right across the school age range, Marianne is now one of the most sought-after trainers in Scandinavia.

Marianne’s grounding in P4C and leadership led to her involvement in Carol Dweck’s Mindset theory. It was natural fit for the learning environment she created, in which errors were welcomed, challenges sought, and progress celebrated. Another key aspect of her practice was to make learning visible for her learners, working with learning intentions, success criteria and feedback to enable the learners to take greater ownership of their learning.

As a leader, Marianne led the school’s professional development processes. She focused on long-term strategic planning to implement the school’s shared vision. Providing staff with lots of opportunities to collaborate, she ensured that action learning and the sharing of best practice underpinned the whole approach.


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