About Marilyn Keenan

Regional School Networks Manager

Following 37 years as a primary teacher, deputy head and head at schools within the long gone coastal mining communities of Northumberland, Marilyn joined our team in January 2016 as Evaluations Manager, putting to use her experience to help develop CL baseline, mid-term and final progress reports constructed around the core questions: Where are we now? Where to next?  What progress have we made?  With those questions ever present, she now oversees our regional network of schools where she promotes, encourages and supports the application of CL strategies and the exciting complementary resources.  Schools within the network are celebratory advocates of our CL processes and as such they support our ever-popular study tour visits by delegates and leaders across the globe that come to see CL in action.

After graduating from St John’s in York as a fully-fledged teacher, with the deep-seated passion and belief that she could ‘make a difference,’ Marilyn’s experiences and responsibilities throughout her career were inevitably intertwined with the many perpetually morphing educational trends – some radical, some restrictive and binding, some innovative and inspiring.  But, all conducted their own particular brand of challenge … their own particular worth … their own particular joy.

Subsequently finding there was the expectation that she was to teach classes of children to swim week after week (it’s called, ‘being thrown in at the deep end,’ - pun intended!) Marilyn worked to become a fully qualified ASA swimming teacher.  Not only did the children’s actual achievements in the way of awards and yearly accomplishments in the local team swimming competitions offer her a huge satisfaction and pride, but it also developed a lifelong interest in the sport.

With the mention of sport, it is important to note that Marilyn is a Toon supporter through and through and as such, not only knows a little bit about football, but also knows of some of the ‘places to be’ (and consequently some ‘not to be’) when out and about in Newcastle!

‘Find the joy in life … and let’s see what’s around the corner!’  Marilyn loves motor cars and driving, although she has yet to drive or own the Aston Martin DB9 – now DB11 – she aspires to roar up to our ‘campfire’ in. Watch this space!