Brandsøy skule, Flora kommune, Norway

Brandsøy skule, Flora kommune, Norway

From 2008 to 2012 James Nottingham worked with the staff of Brandsøy skule in Norway to create an ongoing program that would cover the following areas of professional development:

Challenge, Feedback, Vision & Strategy, Dweck Mindset, Progress, Philosophy for Children

The training received by the staff covered the following areas:

Whole Staff PD, Demonstration Lessons, Parents' Events, Coaching, Leaders Planning Keynote Speech

Which words would you use to describe the work?

Challenging, Motivating

Useful for school leaders both in short and long-term work

What impact has this work had on you and your colleagues?

It helped us keep focused over years. Perfect combination With vision-building/short- and long-term thinking, and keynote-Speech on New research

Can you think of an anecdote that would capture the essence of the work that James did with you?

Everyone in the staff was challenged and had to participate in developing their teaching.

Flora kommune, Brandsøy skule