St. Luke's CEVA Primary School, Northampton, UK

St. Luke's CEVA Primary School, Northampton, UK

Martin Renton has now been working with this school since 2010 conducting inset days for professional development covering Outstanding Teaching and Creativity for the whole staff function.

Which words would you use to describe the work?

"Motivating, Thought- provoking"

What impact has this work had on you and your colleagues?

Significant. Martin has played a pivotal role in developing the school's approach to creative curriculum coverage and delivery.

Can you think of an anecdote that would capture the essence of the work that Martin did with you?

Following an INSET focused on curriculum planning the Year 6 teacher transformed the school field into the aftermath from a tsunami with debris, 'dead bodies' and general chaos and the week focused on pupils in different roles (victims, relief workers, news reporters) - the writing, curriculum knowledge, personal understanding and academic progress of the pupils that week was significant.

St. Luke's CEVA Primary School