W & M School of Education, Virginia, USA

W & M School of Education, Virginia, USA

In Virginia, USA the W&M School of Education requested James Nottingham’s help with a growth program in June 2014.

The Professional Development focus areas included Challenge, Feedback and Mindset. James put together a series of workshops for the staff as well as a Keynote Speech.

The following feedback came directly from the Head Teacher, Jan Rozzelle:

Which words would you use to describe the work?

“Practical, Well- resourced”

What impact has this work had on you and your colleagues?

“James Nottingham influenced the language of learning among our educators. Principals who attended sessions with James Nottingham frequently talk about the Pit and challenge as key components of learning.

“He also inspired an international study tour by connecting us to five schools in the UK which we visited in February 2015. We observed Philosophy for Children in action and evidence of James' work that has led us to organize a study tour for Virginia educators to visit these schools in March 2016.”

Can you think of an anecdote that would capture the essence of the work that James did with you?

Comments from participants at SURN Leadership Conference at The College of William and Mary in Virginia  included:

"James Nottingham provided skills and practices I can use right now!"

"James Nottingham was amazing, interesting, informative and funny."

"James Nottingham's sessions were outstanding because he promoted collaboration by giving participants opportunities for table talk and sharing."

"James Nottingham was an absolute treat; and thought provoking!"

"Nottingham speaks common sense!"

"James Nottingham brought relevant and meaningful information with practical ideas and strategies."

"Dr. Nottingham's challenge in the pit was the most useful information from the SURN Leadership Conference."

Jan Rozzelle, Virginia, USA