Yinnar Primary School, Victoria, Australia

Yinnar Primary School, Victoria, Australia

In 2008 James Nottingham was asked to design a schools program in Australia by the Principal of Yinnar Primary School, George Telford.

The Professional Development focus areas included Challenge, Mindset, Progress, P4C, Questioning and Outstanding Teaching. James created a Personal Development Program for the whole staff contingent as well as Demonstration Lessons for them to take forward.

The following feedback came directly from the Principal, George Telford:

Which words would you use to describe the work?

“Challenging, Inspirational"

What impact has this work had on you and your colleagues?

“It has turned our world upside down. The work we started with James continues to grow and our school is now a beacon within the city for P4C and Growth Mindsets.  Key points from his books form the basis of our school and its continual improvement.”

What would have improved this experience?

“Getting him to come back every year - too damn popular for his own good !” ;)

Can you think of an anecdote that would capture the essence of the work that James did with you?

“His profound knowledge and passion for P4C coupled with his sense of humour and people skills ensured that our theory- into- classroom approach to training was unforgettable.”

George Telford, Principal, Yinnar Primary School, Victoria, Australia.