Carol Dweck - Mindset

About Carol Dweck's Mindset research

Carol Dweck is the Lewis & Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University in California. She is responsible for pioneering research in the fields of motivation and self-beliefs. As she puts it, "My work bridges developmental psychology, social psychology, and personality psychology, and examines the self-conceptions (or mindsets) people use to structure the self and guide their behavior. My research looks at the origins of these mindsets, their role in motivation and self-regulation, and their impact on achievement and interpersonal processes."

On this page, we share some of the best videos about Dweck’s work including a series of interviews by Challenging Learning’s Director, James Nottingham. From time to time, we will also let you know about forthcoming events featuring Prof Dweck in case you would like to hear her in person. By signing up for our newsletter, you will be notified of these updates automatically.

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Carol Dweck’s TEDx Speech “The Power of Yet”

Carol Dweck - The Effect of Praise on Mindset

Carol Dweck 1/6: Should we praise children?

Carol Dweck 2/6: Two stars and a wish

Carol Dweck 3/6: Does competition motivate children?

Carol Dweck 4/6: Should we have high expectations?

Carol Dweck 5/6: Must, should, could

Carol Dweck 6/6: Was I born a genius?

Carol Dweck on tour with James Nottingham, 2010

An animated version of Carol Dweck’s research into Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck talks to Google about the growth mindset