Curriculum Conference. Creating strong learning environments in early years education

  • 12th April 2018
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We spot the good learning environments that take place in children's play, planned activities and in everyday routines.

The work of the strengthened educational curriculum is in full swing and soon we have six revised curriculum themes, each with a few broad learning goals that will work out in practice. 

James Nottingham will be delivering his keynote 9.45-12.00: Strengthen children's learning through a dynamic mindset.

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One of the basic ideas behind the strengthened curriculum is the development of good learning environments. Here it is important to keep in mind that learning does not live in the individual child, but is promoted and developed in interaction with the educational learning environments it meets. 

At the Spring Teachers Conference we spot the good learning environments that take place in the children's play, in the activities we plan for them and in everyday routine situations.

The conference will address the following questions through its presentation:

  •  How can we actually create good learning environments for the children?
  •  How do we promote the children's curiosity and learning pleasure?
  •  How do we strengthen their mindset (and our own) and make them robust in meeting with the world?
  •  What is the meaning of the doctor in the new curriculum?
  •  How do we organize good living environments for children - and how do we participate in the doctor?
  •  How do we work pedagogically with everyday routine situations?
  •  How do we set learning goals for the good learning environments?

The conference target group is managers and pedagogical staff in daycare, pedagogical consultants and daycare managers.

The conference is also held in Horsens on April 11, 2018.