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Jun 2021


3:00 pm - 6:30 pm


learning pit

Encouraging Challenge: How to Guide Students Through The Learning Pit

The Learning Pit explains why more challenge leads to enhanced learning. It helps teachers structure lessons, and students challenge themselves. It shows teachers how to develop questioning and facilitation techniques, and by encouraging students to go through the Learning Pit, it helps them to grow their resilience, decision-making and higher-order thinking skills.

During this workshop, James Nottingham will provide a clear path for engaging students in deep and meaningful learning. He will support staff in effectively using The Learning Pit by introducing the stages and steps involved in taking students through the pit, examples of concepts that can be used to create challenge, and tools and tactics that can be used to engage students in rigorous learning.

The workshops will…

1. Provide a clear, concise and research-based approach to creating cognitively challenging classrooms that captivate, activate and invigorate learners

2. Offer guidance as to the types of concepts to use to take students through the Learning Pit

3. Construct and consider new and innovative ways to promote stronger and deeper learning for students

4. Show how to create the conditions to encourage and support students’ deep understanding of complex concepts

5. Develop a framework and practical strategies that educators of all levels and disciplines can use to educate students to think critically

6. Give real, practical examples of the best strategies for deepening learning

7. Explore some of the best lesson ideas for engaging students in a journey through the Learning Pit

FORMAT-  This webinar will be delivered via Zoom and participants will have the option of listening in English or Spanish.

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