Legal & Financial is part of the Challenging Learning group.

Company Registrations

Challenging Learning Ltd (UK) is our parent company

  • Company number: 05204659
  • VAT: 897 6665 40
  • Address: 2 Linnet Court, Cawledge Business Park, Alnwick, NE22 2GD, UK
  • Tel: +44 1670 330036

Our overseas trading companies are:

  • Challenging Learning Pty Ltd (Australia): ACN 611 163 869
  • Challenging Learning ApS (Denmark): DK 12 68 79 58
  • Challenging Learning AS (Norway): 999 183 824
  • Challenging Learning AB (Sweden): 559003-2354
  • Challenging Learning LLC (USA): 7296300

Questions relating to our company 

If you have any questions about the legal or financial aspects of our company, you should contact Sabina Bhugun in the UK or Dr Carmen Bergmann in the USA.

For all legal or financial matters, you should contact our group finance officer, John Armstrong.

John Armstrong
John Armstrong
Group Finance Officer
+44 1665 517247
Email John


Challenging Learning Ltd (UK) is owned by James Nottingham, Jill Nottingham, and Silver Fern Holdings Ltd, Tokyo.

Legal Representatives

Ben Healey, Partner Solicitor

15 Parsons Court
Aycliffe Business Park
County Durham
[email protected]

Ricki Boye, Partner

Bredgade 3
DK-1260 København K
[email protected]

Financial Representatives

Yvonne Nyman

CLA Dallas
5001 Spring Valley Road
Dallas, TX 75244-3964

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