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“Your keynote was perfect! Feedback from delegates identified your inspirational and thought-provoking keynote as the highlight of the day.” Silvana Tejón,

Our keynotes inspire, challenge, and encourage in equal measure. We interpret the most up-to-date research and share examples of how education could be better, without a bag of guilt to weigh you down.

We’re neither ‘edutainers’ nor are we ‘script-readers’; instead, we weave compelling narratives, gentle good humour, and expert recommendations into presentations that hold your attention and stay with you long after the event is over.

As a group of full-time staff, we have the capacity to walk alongside after our keynotes. We offer evaluation visits; coaching (virtual or face-to-face); and long-term, in-depth consultancy that ensures all staff take actions to significantly improve learning outcomes. Our keynotes, therefore, are just the beginning – 15 years of repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations will point to our effectiveness; our stories of impact will provide it to you.

Our Keynote Speakers

James Nottingham, FRSA

James Nottingham is regarded by many as one of the most engaging and thought-provoking presenters in the world of education. He brings rare clarity and insight to research evidence; a breadth and depth of exemplar that connects with the lived lives of teachers & leaders; and a sense of story and humour that makes learning so much more memorable and sustainable.

He is creator of The Learning Pit®; author of nine books for teachers, leaders and parents; co-founder of; and executive director of Challenging Learning. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and listed among the Future 500 – a ‘definitive list of the UK’s most forward-thinking and brightest innovators.’

Our Other Expert Keynote Speakers

All of our keynote speakers are superb – if they weren’t, we wouldn’t recommend them!  Martin Renton (UK) is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and the go-to presenter when James isn’t available; George Telford (AU) has a well-earned, excellent reputation across Asia Pacific for his clarity, humour and understanding of context; Carmen Bergmann (US) has a doctorate in education and a wonderful ability to connect research with best practice internationally, as well as from her native USA; Marianne Skogvoll (NO) has a depth of experience in leadership and change process that means she is the perfect keynoter – in Norwegian or English; and the Swedish ‘boys’ Bosse Larsson and Henrik Eriksson bring the perfect blend of rich and varied educational experience together with gentle good humour and sense of purpose (in English or Swedish).

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