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February 18, 2022

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James Nottingham

James Nottingham is best-known for creating the Learning Pit, a model for encouraging leaders to step out of their comfort zone. He also works closely with professors Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset) and John Hattie (Visible Learning). He dropped out of school at 16 and bummed around for a few years, working odd jobs in factories and on farms until some anti-apartheid work in South Africa led to a passion for teaching. Since then, he has been a teacher and leader in pre-K-12 schools across the UK, and then the founder of a multi-million-dollar, award-winning social regeneration project to raise the aspirations and achievements of young people in north east England. In 2006, he created the company Challenging Learning, now employing 25 staff in six countries.

He is author of 11 books for teachers, leaders and parents; is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an award granted for making outstanding achievements to social progress and development; and is included in the Future 500, a “definitive list of the UK’s most forward thinking and creative innovators”. He lives by the beach on the England-Scotland border with his wife, three children and five sausage dogs.

More about James can be found here.

Your Co-Facilitator

Dr. Carmen Bergmann

Carmen Bergmann

Dr. Carmen Bergmann is Managing Director for Challenging Learning. She is also co-creator for key aspects of our online services, including book studies, conferences and lesson plan downloads; host of our introductory and in-depth webinar series; co-author of School’s Out, Learning’s In and principal author of the Challenging Learning blog. Her excellent reputation for guiding and encouraging staff online and in-person has led to powerful cultural change in pedagogy and leadership around the world.

Carmen will be happy to help with all enquires during your conference.

T: +1 309 245 6885
E: [email protected]

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