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3rd September 2020

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James Nottingham

James Nottingham is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an award granted for making outstanding achievements to social progress and development, and is included in the Future 500, a ‘definitive list of the UK’s most forward thinking and creative innovators’. He is best-known for creating the Learning Pit®, a world-renowned model for enhancing curiosity, determination and strategy; and is also the author of nine books about teaching, learning, and leadership. He has been a teaching assistant, teacher, and leader in schools in primary, middle, and secondary schools in the UK, as well as a factory worker, pig farmer, and lifeguard trainer. In 2006, he created the company Challenging Learning which now employs 30 full-time staff in six countries.

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The Learning Pit by James Nottingham

Research Outcomes by John Hattie

The Power of Yet by Carol Dweck

Challenging Learning At Work In A Primary School

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