Challenging Early Learning (US)

Challenging Early Learning

Challenging Early Learning is written primarily for Early Childhood professionals working in childcare, pre-school, after-school care or kindergarten. Parents with a background in education, child psychology, or social work will also appreciate the insights and guidance. The book shares some of the best ways to enhance young children’s learning (particularly for children aged 3-7-years-old).

The authors, Jill and James Nottingham started a British educational company in 1999 to support local early childhood centres and schools with the development of Philosophy for Children. This evolved into a multi-million pound, social regeneration project to raise the aspirations and abilities of young people in North East England (and more recently into Challenging Learning, the company hosting this website). With the success of this project, early childhood centres across Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand wanted to get involved in the Nottinghams’ award-winning approaches to challenge, dialogue, feedback, questioning and progress.

  • Building children’s confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy
  • Using feedback more effectively to encourage children’s love of learning
  • The best ways to listen, question, and encourage young children
  • Early learning activities that engage, challenge, and entertain young children
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"James Nottingham’s work on Challenging Learning is a critical element of creating Visible Learners. This new series will help teachers hone the necessary pedagogical skills of dialogue, feedback, questioning, and mindset. There’s no better resource to encourage all learners to know and maximize their impact!"

John HattieProfessor & Director, Melbourne Education Research Institute University of Melbourne

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