Challenging Mindset

Why a Growth Mindset Makes a Difference in Learning – and What to Do When It Doesn’t

James Nottingham, Bosse Larsson (2018)

“Nottingham and Larsson’s new book is accessible and inviting. It will help you navigate the world of mindset concepts and research, and focus on actions that can have high impact. I respect these authors and enjoyed the clarity and good humour they bring to their book–as will you. I highly recommend Challenging Mindset.” Carol Dweck, Stanford University

Highlights of the book include:

• A detailed and nuanced examination of how mindset works and what you can do to make it more effective for your students
• An exploration of the relationship between mindset and grades
• Strategies to encourage a growth mindset during moments of challenge
• Comprehensive lesson ideas for teaching students about mindset
• Why praising ‘effort’ can be powerful but also problematic, with an identification of what type of praise is best
• Examples of how to make the most of mindset theory and practice

What makes this book different?

Nottingham and Larsson have co-presented with Carol Dweck on more than 25 occasions since 2010. These experiences, together with the work of Challenging Learning around the world, have given them the rarest of insights into the subtleties and implications of Professor Dweck’s work.  This is a detailed, thought-provoking and nuanced insight into how to create the right conditions for growth mindset to flourish.

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