A series of webinars in which James Nottingham and his colleagues talk in-depth about teaching, learning and leadership.

Wednesday, May 27

8am PST/10am CST/ 11am EST/4pm BST/5 pm CEST
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Thursday, May 28

9am GMT / 10am BST / 11am CEST / 5pm AWST / 7pm AEST / 9pm NZST
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The majority of Challenging Learning’s PD offer is in the form of face-to-face consultancy and remote coaching. However, with the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been placing more emphasis on our online offers, particularly the lesson ideas we’ve written to support home learning, as well as this brand-new series of #PitPodcasts

Pit Podcast Episodes

Series 1
Wednesdays at 10a CST; 11a EST; 4pm BST; 17 CEST
Repeated Live on Thursdays at 10am BST; 11 CEST; 5pm AWST; 7pm AEST; 9pm NZST

  1. Using the ASK Model to develop Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (16 & 20 April)
  2. The power of mistakes and failure in the learning process (23 & 23 April)
  3. Improving the feedback process to ensure it extends and deepens learning (29 & 30 April)
  4. Using the SOLO taxonomy to write better Learning Intentions & Success Criteria (6 & 7 May)
  5. On a journey through the Learning Pit® (13 & 14 May)
  6. Why growth mindset is not working (yet) and what you can do about it (20 & 21 May)
  7. Developing questioning to deepen learning (27 & 28 May)
  8. Dialogue strategies to deepen learning (3 & 4 June)
  9. What is efficacy (collective and self) and why does it matter? (10 & 11 June)

26th June 2020, 8am to 2pm AEST
Webinar hosted by Corwin Australia  MORE INFORMATION
James Nottingham – Developing Resilient Learners

Series 2
Wednesdays at 10a CST; 11a EST; 4pm BST; 17 CEST
Repeated Live on Thursdays at 10am BST; 11 CEST; 5pm AWST; 7pm AEST; 9pm NZST

  1. Concepts & Conflicts – how to use the Learning Pit across the curriculum (5 & 6 Aug)
  2. Data demands judgement – how effect sizes help and how they hinder decision-making (19 & 20 Aug)
  3. Philosophy for Children and the Learning Pit – where do these two meet? (26 & 27 August)

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