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A range of videos featuring keynotes by James Nottingham and Martin Renton; interviews with Carol Dweck, John Hattie, and others; plus videos suitable for in-house professional learning.

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James Nottingham and Carol Dweck Tour, 2017

Skanderborg "Know Thy Impact"

Skanderborg Mindset

Skanderborg Feedback

Skanderborg Progression

Skanderborg Learning Goals

John Hattie: What is “collective teacher efficacy”?

John Hattie: How reliable is the Visible Learning data?

John Hattie: What is the truth behind class sizes?

John Hattie: What is a quick win to improve learning outcomes?

John Hattie: How powerful is student dialogue?

John Hattie: What are the potential effects and problems of feedback?

Martin Renton’s TEDx Speech “What did we learn today?”

The Challenging Learning Process at Highweek School

'What is Rubbish?’ - a Challenging Learning lesson plan in action

Teaching Thinking by Martin Renton

Thinking about learning by Martin Renton

“Stuck in the Pit” – a song by 6 year old Grace

The importance of challenge by James Nottingham

Stonefields students in Auckland talking about the Learning Pit

James Nottingham’s keynote at the 17th ICOT, Bilbao, Spain

Brendan Spillane’s keynote at the 17th ICOT, Bilbao, Spain

Carol Dweck talks to Google about the growth mindset

James Nottingham’s TEDx Speech “Labels Limit Learning”

Carol Dweck’s TEDx Speech “The Power of Yet”

Carol Dweck - The Effect of Praise on Mindset

Carol Dweck 1/6: Should we praise children?

Carol Dweck 2/6: Two stars and a wish

Carol Dweck 3/6: Does competition motivate children?

Carol Dweck 4/6: Should we have high expectations?

Carol Dweck 5/6: Must, should, could

Carol Dweck 6/6: Was I born a genius?

Carol Dweck on tour with James Nottingham, 2010

An animated version of Carol Dweck’s research into Growth Mindset

The Learning Pit Animation

James Nottingham recommends cognitive conflict

James Nottingham shows the power of the “eureka” moment

Pembroke Dock Year 5 talk about The Learning Pit

Stonefields student in Auckland talking about the Learning Pit

Students talking about the Learning Pit

John Hattie at TEDx

James Nottingham on TV showing P4C in action

Into the Learning Pit with 3 year olds

James Nottingham explains the Teaching Target Model

James Nottingham explains the power of expectation

P4C and challenge with 15 year olds

James Nottingham explains the importance of progress

James Nottingham explains pre-tests and post-tests